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  • So as the weather gets warmer, the music gets more upbeat. This track by MAUSI, is refreshingly fun. The band is from Newcastle and in their words they’re all about “feel good summers and European escapism”. Check ‘em out.

    You know those days when you envision yourself surfing in California, or longboarding on the Venice Beach boardwalk with vans on? If that dream had a soundtrack, this song would be it. It’s got the iconic high pitched male vocals, and a strong percussion. Not to mention I absolutely love the band name, because it may or may not be my favorite fruit.

    This is “Latch” by electronic English duo Disclosure. Favorites by them include “Latch”, “When a Fire Starts to Burn”, “White Noise”, and “F for You”. (So basically all of them so listen to their whole album. I promise, it won’t dissapoint.)

    So I recently went through my music library and came across this gem.  I can’t believe I’ve never posted about Jessie Ware on this blog before.  Her songs are unlike almost anything I’ve ever listened to, and there’s a softness about her voice that keeps you listening.  This is 110 %.

    The Knocks have been a longtime favorite of mine.  Since I ran across Dancing With The DJ some years ago, I have been obsessed.  So it’s no surprise that I’m blogging this remix of Wale’s Chillin’.  It’s fun and kind of makes me feel like I’ve traveled back in time to the 70’s.  Enjoy!

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